Charging & Remissions

In formulating and applying this policy, the Governing Body and Staff of our Catholic academy seek to promote and implement in relevant ways the aims and intentions of the Mission Statement,  'Praise the Lord in Work, Play and Prayer', that has been agreed by the whole academy community.
This policy is in line with the requirements of current legislation*.

1.    The academy provides education without any compulsory charge.  
There are no charges in relation to admission to the academy.
No compulsory charges are made for any activities that take place wholly or mainly during the academy day, or for education provided outside academy hours if it is part of the National Curriculum.  An exception is made, as provided by the law, in the case of music lessons that are not an essential part of the national curriculum.

2.    There are various very beneficial activities that the academy is unable to provide without some financial contribution from parents.  The Governors therefore may seek voluntary contributions from parents for visits that take place wholly or mainly during academy hours.  In case of genuine need, subsidy may be available (see (4) and (5) below).

3.    Parents will normally be required to pay in full for the cost of visits out of academy hours, and for the cost of board and lodging on any residential activity.  

4.    The Governing Body will remit charges in respect of any pupil taking part in any activity legally classified as taking place during academy hours, and also including any charge for board and lodging on any residential activity where the parents are receiving Income Support, Income Based Job Seekers’ Allowance; support under part VI of the Immigration and Asylum Act 1999; Child Tax Credit (provided that Working Tax Credit is not also received and the families income (as assessed by HM Revenues and Customs) does not exceed £16190 (Financial year 2010/11); the guarantee element of State Pension Credit; and an income related employment and support allowance that was introduced on 27 October 2008.    The Governing Body may also take into consideration other family financial circumstances that might preclude involvement. Funding may be provided from donations or fundraising organised for this purpose, or may be allocated by Governors from the school’s delegated budget.  Parents or carers should apply in confidence to the Headteacher.

5.    The funds available to subsidise trips and activities in the way indicated above are very limited.  On any occasion when a significant number of parents are unable or unwilling to contribute to costs, or if insufficient funds are available to make up any shortfall, the trip or activity planned will be cancelled and any payments or voluntary donations already made will be refunded.

6.    The Governing Body will charge in full for costs associated with any optional tuition for the playing of musical instruments in or out of academy hours. Governors may invite other organisations or individuals to provide optional musical or other tuition to pupils on academy premises.  Such tuition may be delivered to individuals or to appropriately sized groups. Unless this tuition is provided as part of the syllabus for prescribed public examinations or as required by the National Curriculum, charges will be made. Any charge for such optional extras will not exceed the actual cost of providing the optional extra activity to the pupil.  Charges may be remitted as noted under (4) and (5) above.

7.    The Governors will only set charges in respect of materials (if articles are being made by pupils) or for books, instruments or equipment where the parent wishes the child to own these articles.

8.    The Governing Body is proud of those pupils who represent the academy in sporting and other ‘extended academy’ activities such as performances by the academy choir. Parents will not be expected to meet any transport costs incurred by the academy with regard to activities where children have been selected to represent the academy at events taking place at off-site venues, either during or outside the normal academy day. Only limited funds are available from the academy’s budget to subsidise such transport costs. The academy therefore encourages the use of specific fund-raising initiatives to meet these costs. Governors acknowledge and welcome the way that parents themselves are often involved in transporting their children to and from such events.

*Sections 449-462 of the Education Act 1996 and Regulations (made under the Education and Inspections Act 2006) which came into force September 2007


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