Academy Committee

The Role of the Academy Committee

In July 2013 St Michael's converted to Academy status and became one of the five founder members of the Bishop Cleary Multi Academy Company (frequently referred to as the MAC). The Board of Directors of this Company carries overall responsibility for the strategic direction and performance of all the academies within the MAC, and delegates important functions to an academy committee which is established within each academy.
St Michael's Academy Committee includes seven foundation representatives appointed by the Diocese. Several of these foundation members have children who currently attend the Academy. As well there are two elected parent representatives and two elected staff representatives. The Principal is also a member of the Committee. Most representatives are members of our parish community.

The Academy Committee directs, supports, monitors and evaluates the work of the Academy by considering regular formal reports and also through other less formal contacts. Members ensure that policies approved by the Board of Directors for implementation across the whole MAC are followed and also that all necessary policies specific to St Michael's are in place.
We are fortunate that our committee members offer between them a good range of skills and experience which they use to support the Academy. Informed and advised by the Principal and other staff as well as by personal observations, the Committee ensures that staffing and curriculum address all the children's needs and that this provision is supported by careful allocation of the available finances. Members evaluate the results of their decisions, for instance if funds have been spent on extra staffing a positive impact on children's learning is expected.

The Academy Committee fosters and promotes the strong Catholic ethos of St. Michael's. This ethos not only build's children's knowledge of the Catholic Faith but also underpins all other aspects of the academy's work. It makes a key contribution to children's very good behaviour, attitudes and involvement in learning. Children are helped to learn to respect and care for others in the local and wider community regardless of any differences in ability, culture or religion.

The Committee recognises all the strengths of our Academy and will support its continual improvement, so that it reaches and maintains outstanding standards across the range of its provision.

Rosalie Watkins
Chair of the Academy Committee


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