SEN Policy

In formulating and applying this policy, the Governing Body and Staff of our Catholic academy seek to promote and implement in relevant ways the aims and intentions of the mission Statement,” Praise the  Lord in Work, Play and Prayer,” that has been agreed by the whole academy community.

The Special Needs Policy takes careful account of the Education Act 1996, the Code of Practice 2001, the Equality Act 2010, the policy of the Local Education Authority and the aims of the academy as outlined in school documentation.

At St. Michael’s we acknowledge that all children have skills, talents and abilities, and as a academy we have a responsibility to develop these to the full. We believe that:

We should acknowledge and rejoice in God’s gifts to each individual.

All children are entitled to a relevant and worthwhile education designed to enable individual pupils to participate fully in society and to contribute and benefit from it.

Pupils who have special educational needs should be supported wherever necessary to achieve full access to the whole-academy curriculum. This will need to be facilitated through a range of access technologies including skilled staff, specialist equipment and resources.

Pupils should have special programmes designed to maximize opportunities for independent living in preparation for life after academy, including preparation for work or continuing education.

With regard to these beliefs, the following document outlines the provision the academy endeavours to achieve.

In addition, it is recognised there may be pupils who are identified as being either Gifted and / or Talented. It should be noted there is a separate policy which addresses the specific needs of these pupils.

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