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As an academy community we regularly take part in fundraising activities that focus on making a difference to the lives of those who are less fortunate.
During the past year pupils have raised funds and have been involved in activities to support the ongoing good works of the charity CAFOD. (Catholic Agency for Overseas Development).The children raised funds for CAFOD  as part of our Harvest Festival celebrations and also at the same time focused on a charity near to home as they provided food that could be used by the Brothers of the Good Shepherd to provide sustenance for the homeless and needy people of Wolverhampton.
In raising funds for CAFOD members of the Academy Council then determined the range of CAFOD world gifts that would be purchased to make a difference to the lives of people in need of our help of support.
Academy council members determined that with the funds raised they world provide a village community with
3 school starter packs
2 Goats
1 pack that can be used to teach children to read and
1 village water pump

St Michael’s school involvement in the Shoe Box appeal
Each Christmas our pupils take part in a charitable event to provide a Christmas gift for children in areas of the world where the young may not otherwise receive much. It may be that children are living in areas of extreme poverty or in areas that have been ravaged by war.
During the season of Advent pupils gather a range of small gifts that can fit into a shoe box. Once the box is full they are wrapped in Christmas paper and brought into school ready for distribution. Our gifts will be received by children who will appreciate our small acts of kindness and will join with us as we celebrate the birthday of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

St Michael’s School links with St Mary’s and St Christopher’s School in Eluru in India.
During the past two years pupils have also raised funds to assist in the development of St Mary’s and St Christopher’s School in Eluru in India .
Children from St Michael’s Academy have raised funds to assist the leaders of the school to provide seating for the pupils to use during their lesson times.
Most recently children from St Michael’s Academy have raised funds to establish improvements in the academys sanitation system.
Father Stephen our Parish priest has visited the school in Eluru and has spoken to us of his experiences of meeting with the children and their teachers and of his visits to the surrounding villages.
The children of St Michael’s academy always welcome hearing news about St Mary’s and St Christopher’s school and all that is going on there. As an academy community we are committed to continue to develop our links with the school and its pupils.
Find out more about St Mary’s and St Christopher’s School in Eluru by following this website link.

Watch this space for more news about our links and support for the ongoing development of St Mary’s and St Christopher’s school in Eluru in India.

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