Lenten Fundraising

On Wednesday 5th March the season of Lent begins.Pupils will attend Mass at St Michael's Parish church at 10.00 Am this morning.During the service ashes will be blessed and distributed to all in attendance.

During the season of Lent we turn our thoughts to how we might work together to raise funds for those in need.

This year school council members from each of the Academies have met to discuss what focus there should be for our joint fundraising activities .The school council members from each of the Academies reached a concensus that each of the Academies would hold a series of fundraising activities to raise funds for the charity Father Hudson's Homes.Father Hudson's Homes cares for the elderly and for young persons who can no longer be cared for by their families.The Archbishop has asked each Catholic school to consider how we might support this charity.We are pleased to be a part of the joint fundraising projects that will organised by pupils.

School council members have also agreed that each Academy will also engage in raising funds for a second nominated charity and this charity to be one chosen by the school council members.School Council members of St Michael's Academy have determined that this year we will raise  additional funds to support the  work that is undertaken by those involved in cancer research.

This year pupils will also support the Brothers of the Good Shepherd who care for the needy and the homeless people of Wolverhampton.We will be attempting to create a metre mountain of tinned food that the brothers can then use to feed the hungry and the needy people who turn to the Brothers for help.(In any given month the Brothers of the Good Shepherd provide 4000 food parcels to those in need)We are proud to support the Brothers in the great work that they do.


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